Kerala,Keralachat,Malayalam,Malayalam Music,Keralam,India,KeralaVoiceChat,Kerala Map
Kerala,Keralachat,Malayalam,Malayalam Music,Keralam,India,KeralaVoiceChat,Kerala Map
Kerala,Keralachat,Malayalam,Malayalam Music,Keralam,India,KeralaVoiceChat,Kerala Map
Kerala,Keralachat,Malayalam,Malayalam Music,Keralam,India,KeralaVoiceChat,Kerala Map
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KOVALAM This is the legendary Malabar coast where King Solomon's ships came to collect timber for building the Temple of the Lord, So too came Marco Polo, and when he spoke of the wonders of this believed him. Kerala was a wonder. And not too far from its borders was Cape Comorin where the land of India ended, and a temple to the virgin goddess Kanya Kumari watched over the phenomenon of three seas mingling with each other.

KOVALAM - A place in the sun One of world's great beaches, now a magnificent resort of sun, surf and sea. A beach paradise, the boundless blue of the Arabian sea and the un- winding miles of fine-sanded beaches washed by a surf which roars and hisses at the feet of the stalwart palms. Plus the wonders of Kerala : exquisite shrines, lush backwaters, wildlife sanctuaries, brilliant temple festival celebrations of music and traditional dance. And just a quick air connection away from India's other attractions. With direct flights from Dubai and Colombo too.

At the Kovalam Ashok Beach Resort, there's the magnificent Kovalam Hotel, Built as an extension of a hill that overlooks the Kovalam Bay, the five tiered hotel gently descends to the beach following the contours of the land. Nearby is Kovalam Grove, a beach village with 42 airconditioned Kudils or cottages set in a grove of lush palm trees. On the other side of Kovalam Hotel is Halcyon Castle, the summer retreat of the former kings, with two deluxe suites and mini conference facilities. Between the Hotel and the Grove is the Beach centre with typical south Indian circular kiosks with thatched conical roofs and facilities for popular aquatic sports.

At the Yoga and Health Centre in a shady grove,the intricacies and the dynamic of yoga and transcendental meditation are taught by experts. You can try out rejuvenating Ayurvedic massages and oil baths that date back thousands of years. And in the quie- tude of the evening take in a performance of Kathakali, the spectacular dance drama of Kerala. Drawing from the rich heritage of Hindu epics, Kathakali depicts in chant and dance, the tales of gods, heroes, demons and the fabulous beasts of Indian legends.

It is richly costumed and unrivaled in dramatic splendour. Car hire and tour facilities take you to fabled Cochin through plantations of tea, coffee and fragrant spices ; to Thekkady ( or Periyar) sanctuary for a close view of wild elephants to lands end at kanya Kumari to the temple city of Madurai and beyond. Kerala is one of India's richest, most dramatic experiences. Kovalam is part of it.


The land, three seas and the sky The virgin goddess Kanya Kumari has watched over the phenomenon since the beginning of time : standing at the tip of the country in, as if, an unend- ing vigil, with the waters of the Indian Ocean, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal drawing to her feet. It is believed that here goddess Parvati in her incarnation as Devi Kanya practiced penance so that she could marry Shiva. A temple stands here today, dedicated to the virgin goddess. Not far from the borders of Kerala (86 km from Trivandrum), and worth and excursion. Elemental nature has hallowed this place where the land, three seas and the sky meet, and called out to people of all faiths.

More recently, two saints of modern India - Swami Vivekananda and Mahatma Gandhi, found sanctuary here where now stand everlasting representation to their memories. From the edge of the land, two rocks jut out into the sea. One of these is called `Sripada Paraj', the rock blessed with the touch of the goddess feet. It was on this rock that Swami Vivekananda sat in meditation, and so it is now named after him. In 1970, the Vivekananda Rock Memorial was built. Among other things, it houses a statue of the great saint. The architecture of the complex comprises the styles of all the regions in the country.

A boat service operates between the mainland and the Memorial. Standing on the rocks, you can look into the mainland in a view otherwise possible only from a ship on the sea. And if you look out towards the sea, sunrise and sunset offer rare views ; incredulous on a day of full moon, when sunset and moonrise happen at the same time. And on one day in the year the full moon day in April (Chaitra), the sun and the moon are visible on the same horizon ! Part of the ashes of Mahatma Gandhi were sent to Kanya Kumari to be immersed in the three seas. At the spot where the urn carrying his ashes was kept for public view was raised Gandhi Mandapam, a memorial to the Mahatma.




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